Death of Steve Jobs

Nothing in life has any intrinsic value – any value that we think an object/person has is just perceived value. No matter how valuable object is lost, “the universe continues unabated”. This is one of “valuable” (pardon the pun) lessons I learnt when my father died.

I was in a completely different world surrounded by completely different people when I heard that Steve Jobs was dead. I deeply sighed and told someone sitting near me about the news. She asked me “Who’s Steve Jobs?”. I tried to explain how valuable his contributions are to the Software/Computer industry etc. But there was a clear indifference among the people who were paying attention to what I was talking. They clearly don’t see the value and they are right.

Anyway, so far the following is the most level headed response to Jobs’s death that I’ve seen so far among the overly-empathetic media and blogs/tweets.

“I don’t want to take anything away from the guy, he was brilliant and uncompromising and wonderful, but there’s a level of adulation that goes beyond what is merited,” said Tim O’Reilly, chief executive of the tech publisher O’Reilly Media. “There will be revolutions and revolutionaries to come.”

It will be interesting to see if Jobs’s “values” will be carried forward. Of course we’ll never see an exact replica of Steve Jobs, but I’m sure there are brighter minds and leaders to come from human race.

→ Apple Volume Purchase Program for B2B apps

This is fantastic news!

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via Apple – Business – App Store Volume Purchasing for Business.

→ You Can't Innovate Like Apple

Old, but still worth linking again.

First, forget about it unless you are willing to invest significantly and heavily to establish a culture of innovation like Apple’s. Because it’s not just about copying Apple’s approach and procedures. The vast majority of executives who say, “I want to be just like Apple,” have no idea what it really takes to achieve that level of success. What they’re saying is they want to be adored by their customers, they want to launch sexy products that cause the press to fall all over themselves, and they want to experience incredible financial growth. But they generally want to do it on the cheap.

via You Can’t Innovate Like Apple

Pirate Bay Receives Notice To Keep a Torrent

Another example of Mac Software Developers Awesome-coolnesss !

A few months ago Dmitry Chestnykh, the founder of Coding Robots and copyright holder of Mémoires, discovered that his program – like many others – was being shared via The Pirate Bay. Out of curiosity he decided to download the torrent to find out how it was cracked, and he didn’t like what he saw.

In a passionate “Notice of Ridiculous Activity” the company’s founder decided to notify The Pirate Bay crew about his findings, shocked as he was at the crappy work of the person who cracked his application.

via Pirate Bay Receives Notice To Keep a Torrent | TorrentFreak.