This app is out of date now, and I’m working on a new version for iOS 12, details will be out soon!

iKiva is an iPhone/iPod client for the kiva.org website.

iKiva is now approved and available from AppStore. Download it from iTunes. If you need help with the app or if you have any questions, just send an email to support[@]thoughtvine.co.in.

Here are the release notes so far for the released versions.

Release Notes – version 1.0ß

Released April 8, 2011

  • Added more details to loan details (Default protection and currency exchange loss).
  • Updated Loan details to make the sections appear when needed.
  • Reordered currency exchange loss and default protection.
  • Added Team image to the team listings.
  • Added different placeholder for groups and loans using lighter images.
  • Added loan URL to WebView, Updated version to 1.0ß.

Release Notes – version 0.9

Released April 7, 2011
New Features

  • Send Feedback from within the app: just tap the feedback button in the info view, i.e., (i) button on the loans.
  • Ability to change the loan amounts in the basket. When you add a loan to basket, just tap on the ‘orange’ loan amount button to change the amount.
  • You can customize the default donation amount in the iPhone Settings.app, the default donation amount is set to 10%


  • About Text has now clear description that says iKiva is not endorsed by or related to Kiva.org.
  • Loan use text now matches the kiva website that says “A loan of $*** helps **** to ***** “.
  • Added Scheduled Due Date to loan details.
  • Added new default loading images
  • Loan details shows the status of the loan correctly and hides the “Still needed” when the loan is fully funded.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed default tableview row size in the loans view
  • Network indicator (the spinning thingie in the statusbar) is not disappearing when some connections fail with error.
  • Fixed Portfolioview sometimes not removing the static ‘Please enter your lender id’ text.
  • Lender Details adds another image evertime it is refreshed.

Release Notes – version 0.8

Released April 1, 2011
New Features:

  • Brand new look for loan search with more options (region, status, sort by) for searching.
  • Sort the loans in Loan View : Just tap the Title of the Loans View.
  • Portfolio View now shows the lender’s Team Count, and you can tap that row to see the team details.
  • Added Default.png (launch Image) for the app.
  • Placeholder images : Shows Kiva logo for the images when they are not loaded yet.
  • Disbursal Date and Repayment Terms are now added to the Loan Details.

Improved Features:

  • Images are cached to make them load super fast.
  • Loan View now appears instantly, no more nagging “Loading View”.
  • Automatically load lower resolution images if you are using non-retina display (non iPhone 4).
  • Loading View updated to look more consistent with the app (you can see it when the portfolio is loading).
  • All the buttons are now super sharp, no more blurry borders, they look much better on Retina display.
  • Loan Cell background is now updated to better Green.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Nasty crash when you rotate in the Search View.
  • Loan details are not emptied until new loans are loaded when you tap refresh.
  • Map view doesn’t show any error when it can’t locate the loan.
  • Map view can’t locate the loan when the loan contains diacritics.
  • Loan Shows ‘Fully Funded’ for defaulted loans.

Version 0.7
Released March 26, 2011

  • Search feature implemented, you can now search for loans by string, gender and sector. More options coming soon.
  • Simple about view is added, you can check it by tapping on the “i” button on the Loans View.
  • Fixed crash when load more is tapped in the portfolio view.
  • Changed selection style to gray for load more in the portfolio view.
  • Fixed crash in search/loans results.
  • Some technical jiggedy-poggedy to make the application a bit faster and snappier.

Version 0.6
Released March 20, 2011

  • Fixed crash on tapping the Community Controller : Sorry for that, my mistake!
  • Added new view for team details.
  • Fixed cell resizing when switching to landscape mode.
  • Fixed % displayed in the portfolio view.
  • Added basic analytics.

Version 0.5
Released March 17, 2011

  • Updated Google Maps integration to use V3 of the API which gives faster and more accurate location.
  • New shiny loans list view with the loan amount button which also shows a check mark if the loan is fully funded and a nice basket icon when the loan is added to your basket.
  • Quickly add the loan to basket by tapping the orange button on the Loans view.
  • Fixed the bugs in the landscape mode.
  • New loan details in the Portfolio view which show the status of the loan and the % of the loan.

Version 0.4
Released February 27, 2011

  • Added map view to show the location of the loan. Tap on the Flag in any loan view to show the location on the Google Map.
  • Added a message when the lender Id is not configured in the portfolio view.
  • Fixed many memory leaks to make the application a bit more stable.

Version 0.3
Released February 22, 2011

  • Updated the Loan Details view – to make it more snappier and readable.
  • Filtering now works in the Loans list ( you can enter text to filter by country/name/use)
  • Landscape mode support for all the views.

Version 0.2
Released February 16, 2011

  • Fixed some bugs on the Portfolio viewer (added Load More indication)
  • Updated MyLenderDetails in the Portfolio with a help icon which tells how to get your lender Id.
  • Loans that are added to basket can now be checked out (Using the basket tab). This will open a the Kiva site with the basket populated with loans.
  • Currently each loan gets hard-coded 25 USD and donation amount is fixed at 15% of the total amount.

Version 0.1
Released February 12, 2011

  • Loans List
  • Loan Details
  • Open Loan in Safari
  • Portfolio Details