→ To make a change, we need to keep angry

Our actions or inaction help determine the direction the world takes. If we quickly accept a new normalized state of being in order to avoid the discomfort of being frustrated or angry, we put ourselves in a dangerous position of inaction. If you let your mind say that everything will be okay, tune out, and coast back to a relaxed state of mind, no change is ever going to come of the world.

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EMBA Term 2 – Session 1 Notes

After a great study trip, and some relaxing summer holidays, second term of EMBA started on 9th Sep, 2016.


The first weekend we had Personal Leadership Development sessions. Friday started with a session on “Co-Active Leadership” by Judy van Zon – based on the ideas in the eponymous book.Judy explained the fives styles of leadership, viz., Front, Behind, Beside, Field, and Within. Each style embodies different values and style of leadership and should be used based on the context.

After the session, we had the Team Coaching. Each member of our team filled in the peer feedback and team feedback survey after our term. We rated our performance of the team consistently higher. At the team coaching session we learnt how to give feedback to each other and how to ask open-ended questions, which would help us in getting to know the new team members that we will work with for Term 2. After the session on Friday we got the details of the new teams.


On Saturday I started to work with our new team!


During first half of the Saturday sessions, we played The Management Challenge game with the new team. As a senior management team of a company, we selected various actions that affected the health of a company. It contained several rounds (years), after successive round we got the results of our actions. This game gave us an opportunity to get to know the new team members.

In the last session “Peer to Peer coaching and feedback”, Hetty Brand-Boswijk explained to us how to effectively give feedback to our peers.

My EMBA journey now continues with new team into Term 2, with upcoming subjects: Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, and Strategic Management. I’ll post the notes after every session, so keep reading!