All of that is philosophy

Be aware of that today when you’re going to work, going on a date, deciding whom to vote for, calling your parents in the evening, waving to your neighbor as you walk to your door, tipping the delivery man, saying goodnight to someone you love. All of that is philosophy. All of it is experience that brings meaning to the words.

The Daily Stoic

See you at Dutch Clojure Day 2017

Last year I co-organised Dutch Clojure Day – a community driven event by and for Clojure enthusiasts and practitioners. I had a lot of fun and DCD also became the genesis for defn podcast.

This year we (Carlo, Max, Joost, and yours truly) worked furiously behind the scenes for DCD ’17. We have almost finished all the preparations and the event happens on 25th March at TQ in Amsterdam. We have a great line-up of speakers and great programme.

I look forward to meeting you all(if you had a ticket). Say hi, when you see me there!