Counting Down to Dutch Clojure Day 2016

By vijay on March 16, 2016 — 1 min read

This year I joined Carlo Sciolla(@skuro), Max Gonzih(@gonzih), and Joost Diepenmaat(@ZeekatSoftware) as a co-organiser for Dutch Clojure Day 2016, a full-day event on March 19th in Amsterdam. We worked on the event for over 5 months, starting from October 2015.

We wanted to keep the event free to attend, so the attendees didn’t have to pay anything. This became possible thanks to our great sponsors:

We have some good talks lined up for the day, checkout the website for complete schedule and details.

I would like to thank @moolver_sin for her generous help and fantastic design work for the event: logo, brochure, and bag.


iStream will record the talks and we plan to publish the videos after the event.

If you join the event, don’t forget to say hi to me.

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