MBA Kick-Off day

By vijay on February 1, 2016 — 1 min read

My Executive MBA programme at Rotterdam School of Management kicked off Saturday. Around 120 students joined this part-time 22 month programme. The class had people from various backgrounds – a Pilot, a Chemical Engineer, a Corporate Lawyer, Marketing Managers, Entrepreneurs and of course some IT professionals.

Interestingly during the introduction to the class, contrary to introducing oneself, each person introduced the other person sitting next to him/her. The exercise helped to break the ice and practice listening.

Later we joined session by Sewa Beats, which included playing a Djembe coupled with some leadership training. I enjoyed it very much than I imagined, while learning a thing or two about vision and strategy.

Second session during the day called “Fightback or Feedback” by Julia Johnson, on how to give and get feedback and using Situation-Behaviour-Impact Model. We practised this a bit with our classmates.

With that nice and relaxed kick-off, I look forward to the formal classes starting today.

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