5 thoughts on “Trailer for my (Clojure) project – YearLight™”

  1. I think that’s really cool. As soon as I saw the first color transitions against the time-lapse video I understood the relationship. I’d love something that not-only takes your longitude and latitude into account, but the local topology as well. For example, my daylight hours might be significantly be affected by whether I’m behind a hill relative to sunrise for part of the year. If you could nail this you will create something tremendously valuable (for agriculturalists, home-buyers, etc.).

    Humans have been aware of the importance of determining daylight hours for millennia, and to be honest I’m amazed that no-one has succeeded in seriously applying modern, readily-available technology to this ancient and fundamental comprehension of our surroundings.

    Oh the other hand of course I could be completely wrong! An inspiring introduction nevertheless, and I look forward to the official launch.

    P.S. Complete Clojure junkie here.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Thanks for encouraging words. Bradley, the artist behind the concept has some very interesting ideas similar to what you said. I can’t promise anything at this stage, but it sure looks exciting :)


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