Fixing Google Hangouts on iOS login issue

By vijay on October 25, 2013 — 1 min read

After a recent update I was unable to login to Google Hangouts on iPhone. The app asks me for username and password and then shows a dialog with authentication error with “Remove this account” and other options. My account is a Google Apps based account and not a generic

Here’s how I was able to fix it.

  • Login to
  • Click on “More Controls” at the bottom
  • In the list at the bottom, click “Other Google Services”
  • In “Other Google Services” click the filter icon on top left.
  • Uncheck the “Show top featured services”
  • Search for “Google Voice” and click on the link.
  • In the “Settings for Google Voice” click the drop down under the icon and select “ON for everyone”

This should fix the login issues with Google Hangouts on iOS.

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