Statistics from my recently finished Seam 3 Migration Project

By vijay on April 11, 2013 — 1 min read

I just finished a project upgrading a mid-sized Java EE6 application from Seam 2 to Seam 3 (and JBoss 4 to 7). It has been a fun ride with lot of roadblocks, head-aches, “Aha!” and “F*ck-this-I’m-done” moments. The Seam 2 part is now upgraded to Seam 3/CDI, Richfaces to Primefaces, JBoss 4.x Scheduler MBeans to Quartz etc. I’ll write more about the technical part of the migration in a later post.

As usual, after every milestone I spend some time looking at the history of the project and try to understand my way of working. First question is “when do I work?” – here are some clues I got from the git history of the past 6 months, which included some surpirses:

Commits by Month


December has been low activity month due to various project management reasons, but the major chunk of work has been done in April – which reflects the “integration testing” phase.

Commits by hour


I’m not a morning person – no commits between 4am and 8am. And most of the quick commits happen during the evening, when I settle down into a flow, and evenings are usually me banging head with configuration of JMS Bridges HornetQ, Axis2 and JBoss 7.

Commits by Day

The major surprise for me is that I used to think that I work on weekends, but apparently not much – at least not the features that I can commit quickly. Saturdays are the worst, and on Sunday I usually get back into the groove by evening.

Hourly Commits by Day

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