Announcing Rotterdam/The Hague Clojure Meetup

By vijay on February 27, 2013 — 1 min read

As you can see from the trend in my blog posts and my tweets, I have been a fan of Clojure language and pursuing the mastery of it with great interest. I’m a member of the friendly Amsterdam Clojure meetup. I try to attend the monthly meetup but I’m not as regular as I wanted to be – major reason being travelling to Amsterdam mid-week in the night was a bit difficult.

At one of the AmsClj meetups I floated around the idea of having a meetup for people near Rotterdam and The Hague. After pondering over the thought and some brain storming, I finally got some time to plan and organize the meetup along with fellow Clojure enthusiast Chris Wilson(@minleychris). So we came up with the basic plan for the meetup and named it EHRD.clj.

EHRD is the ICAO code for the Rotterdam The Hague Airport

The Structure

In the footsteps of AmsClj, we plan to have a meetup on last Wednesday of every month for the Clojure enthusiasts in and around Rotterdam and The Hague. It is going to be a semi-structured event which will have two standard recurring features:

1. Library of the Month – A talk/live-coding-session/code-review etc. of a Clojure(Script) Library.
2. This Month in Clojure – Quick overview by a member of the meetup on what happened in Clojure Land in the past month.

Apart from these two, we also intend to have a “main feature” which could be Hacking Session/Presentation or whatever members think interesting.

The first Meetup

For the first meetup on 27th March, we are very excited to announce that Christophe Grand (Clojure core contributor and one of the authors of O’Reilly Clojure Programming Book) will be giving a talk along with our Library of the Month and This Month in Clojure.

This meetup was possible because of the great support and sponsorship of my employer, Lunatech Labs.

So if you are nearby, checkout out our meetup page and kick-off the spring with some good dose of Clojure!

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