My super cool workplace at Lunatech

By vijay on January 19, 2012 — 1 min read

In my 10 years of programming career, Lunatech is probably the best company to work with.


  1. Herman Miller Aeron: Ultimate Programmer’s Chair
  2. Nerf Recon CS-6 with N-Strike Darts: For fun times.
  3. 17″ Mac Book Pro with 8GB RAM, SSD running Emacs in Full Screen: Ultimate Programmer’s Computer
  4. The Joy of Clojure: The book for Ultimate programming language
  5. mStand for MBP: For enhanced ergonomics and coolness factor

Not shown in the photo:

  • Super Awesome Colleagues
  • Projects using cutting-edge tech including: Scala, Play! Framework.
  • No Managers
  • No Managers, Seriously.

Like what you see and curious about what we do ? Come and talk to us at Play!ground on February 3rd at Paddy Murphy’s Irish Pub, Rotterdam.

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