Good Bye! Hippo!

Almost 830 days ago I started working for Hippo. And today is the last day of my work. I’d like to thank all my colleagues for helping me when I was going through difficult times, teaching me some cool stuff and generally bearing with me and tolerating me for the entire period. I think I had a good run and I’m glad that I got this chance.

I received pretty cool farewell gifts – Pepper Grinder, Balsamic Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and super tasty Buffalo Mozzarella.

And I made some nice & tasty Pesto Pasta today using all the ingredients, and the mozzarella was the best so far I tasted in Holland.

I’d like to thank my great colleagues and it was great working with you. I do believe that Hippo CMS has the potential to become very great product and hopefully I’ll continue to contribute albeit in small amounts.

Hippo was a pretty exciting place to work at. My next job is with Lunatech, and I’m equally, if not more, excited to start working for.

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