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By vijay on April 19, 2011 — 1 min read

iKiva is a client for Kiva.org. I’ve started working on it in March 2010. Other things caught up with me and finally I was able to focus on it again from February this year. This project has been a very special one to me because of many reasons. I’ve been writing software for sometime, but it was always for some one else or some other company, which meant that the requirements, timeline, user experience was ultimately decided by others than me.

It is not that I’m an expert in those fields, but I always wanted to build something from A-Z, so that I can be solely blamed for the end-result. Apart from satisfying the urge of building a product, I wanted to make it something useful for others too. iKiva is that kind of project.

I travel to work everyday sitting in the train for almost 2x45mins. I wanted to utilize the commute time and build something. For nearly two months almost every day and weekends, I was working on iKiva. The first beta build was sent out on February 12, And the app is available on AppStore on April 18th. More on the project schedule is on the iKiva page.

During the development of iKiva, I learnt a lot of things, validated some of my strong opinions, unlearnt a couple of things too. The app is of iOS – so my knowledge of Objective-C/UIKit improved a bit.

I used and learned more about terrific tools – FogBugz for project management and Kiln for managing the source code in mercurial. A killer combination for any software development, in my opinion. Eventually, the Evidence Based Scheduling was so effective, that 99% of the time it could tell me when I was going to release next beta.

Also TestFlight has been amazing in sending out beta builds and helped a lot in gathering and responding to feedback from the beta testers. If you are developing any iOS app using testflight is “the best way” for beta testing.

Download iKiva app from AppStore

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