Mounting remote (ssh) filesystem on Mac OS X

By vijay on January 6, 2011 — 1 min read

I use SSH to login to different servers I manage. There are some nifty tools available for a Mac for transferring files to a server via SCP like Fugu and Cyberduck. But I wanted to have the entire folder mounted in Finder so that I can access it anytime. The MacFuse + sshfs combination worked perfectly for achieving this. This is how you can mount a remote file system using sshfs on a Mac.

First download and install MacFuse from here. You may need to reboot once after the installation. Then download or checkout the sshfs-binaries from here. The sshfs-binaries contain executables for leopard and tiger. On snow leopard (10.6.6) the sshfs-static-leopard worked fine.

Create a folder on the mac somewhere which will be used to mount your remote directory. After that run the sshfs-static-leopard command like this:

The remote folder will be mounted under the ‘/local/folder’ and will be accessible in Finder under the name ‘volume_name’.

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