→ Why the 8 Hour Workday Doesn’t Make Sense

By vijay on November 23, 2010 — 1 min read

At the root of all 8 hour workday issues is this. The 8 hour work day is a creativity killer.  Today, human creativity is at an all time high because less and less people are working in offices. People are finding ways to make a sustainable living by tapping into their own creative potential. This is the beginning of what I think will be a creativity revolution.

The technology platforms in place today have removed the barriers of technical knowledge and opened up possibilities to everybody.  The 8 hour workday is the kiss of death to these possibilities.  Unfortunately, office environments are not particularly inspiring, with rare exception Google, Facebook, etc. It’s interesting to note that an inspiring office environment seems to be common to some of the greatest corporate success stories of our time.

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