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By vijay on September 10, 2010 — 1 min read

JBoss guys announce a new module system for Java.

How does this compare with JSR 294?

  • This simple module system has several advantages over JSR 294 as it stands today.Its available now. There is no telling when JDK modules will become available – maybe in Java 7 in 2012, maybe in Java 8 or later. This is a project you can use – and contribute to – today.
  • No invasive language, bytecode, or compiler changes are needed, and no JCP approval is necessary.
  • As things stand today, JBoss Modules should be compatible with JSR 294, and we will strive to maintain compatibility if and when Jigsaw solidifies and becomes part of OpenJDK.

So we have OSGi, JBoss Modules and Project Jigsaw. Though, project jigsaw’s release date might be hardest jigsaw puzzle to solve.

More details here –  Modularized Java with JBoss Modules.

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