Smart Console now on Hippo Forge

By vijay on March 1, 2010 — 1 min read

Finally I got sometime to move the Smart Console project out of sandbox. The project is now hosted at Hippo Forge. There are two things that are aimed with this project . One – to provide a simple, user friendly JCR Explorer and Console for any repository. Obviously, I’ll add Hippo Repository specific features to the project soon. The second is experimenting with REST interface for the Repository. I’m using JBoss RESTEasy for providing the REST service implementation and ExtJS as the front end.

Currenlty the project is in pre-alpha, and during the next couple of weekends I’ll try to add more features – most , if not all – buttons in the UI do nothing at the moment. But the application in its current state can connect to the repository and display the node tree, and node properties (in a tab) when clicked.

Stay tuned for updates, or if you want to help, just join the project at Forge. Though the project is still in cowboy-coding phase, contributions are welcome, as always.

To see it action, check out the code and run mvn jetty:run. Make sure that your Hippo CMS/Repository is running on localhost.

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