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The First Golden Hippo

Yesterday I joined the hippo professional services team for a fun filled team event with go karting evening and the first ever Golden Hippo Award event. The evening started with go karting fun, we were competing with each other. This was the first time I ever did this, I failed miserably in the qualifiers. Clearly I’m much more efficient with cars with horns and plenty of people crossing the road and blocking.

The competition was along the lines of F1 racing with one training lap, 3 Qualifier rounds. And the top 5 drivers from the qualifiers went on to compete in the grand finale. And  the winners of the evening were Tjeerd, Stefan and Kenan.

After the karting, the Golden Hippo award was announced – Starting this quarter, every quarter the one of the member of the professional services will be chosen by popular vote ( by peers and Hippo partners) and will be awarded with the Golden Hippo. That’s not all, at the end of the year, the team is also planning to give out yearly “Platinum Hippo Award” – for the best team member voted similarly. The awards also come with nice little bonus as well.

And the first Golden Hippo winner for Q1 this year is Marijan Milicevic, he got the most number of votes for Q1. Marijan has also contributed to several projects on Hippo Forge  - Import Tool, Simple Validation Framework and Easy Forms HST Component etc.

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