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By vijay on December 22, 2009 — 1 min read

The Hippo CMS  team has big plans for 2010. Early in the year they intend to launch a new web 2.0 platform. This open source product is aimed at the enterprise, to ensure “improved communication, collaboration and knowledge retention while lowering the burden on IT resources.”

Features include an integrated approach to user-generated content, an “enterprise mash-up” functionality that focuses on matching content and applications with the needs of individual employees. Each user will get a personalized window to “content and applications inside and (cl)outside the organization, while IT keeps (or regains?) central control over security & access rights.”

Instead of aiming to reinvent popular applications such as Gmail, Zoho, Twitter and Evernote, this new product aims to let companies integrate such tools within their enterprise security umbrella.

via Alert: What’s Coming In Open Source CMS In 2010.

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