A course on Death

By vijay on December 11, 2009 — 1 min read

Everybody who is alive is interested in their own Life, and I think anyone who is interested in Life, should be having many questions about Death. I ponder, albeit less philosophically, about the death, soul and other concepts. Because of my family background, I have fairly good acquaintance with various hindu religious scriptures – like The Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads etc. During my trip to India last time, I’d a chance to read and know something about Sufism as well, which I think, closely resembles the Hinduism’s Non-Dualistic principle.

Having witnessed my father’s death recently, my interest in Death, or should I say in Life, grew more than usual quantity.

I stumbled upon “Open Yale Course : Death” – by Professor Shelly Kagan. I just finished the listening to (watching)  the  final video This has been one of the best series of lectures I’ve ever listened to. Professor Shelly Kagan is a passionate teacher and a master at engaging, encouraging and provoking thought. Although he clearly explains his strong opinions and bias, which is more aligned with physicalist’s view, he invites the listener to think about the subject and argue with himself to find the convincing answer for the fundamental questions about death the listener might have. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire course – especially the discussions of  Platonic theories and Phaedo. I really recommend for anyone who’s having a life :-)

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