Ikea changes to Verdana

By vijay on September 3, 2009 — 1 min read

If you have at least a 3.52739619 × 10-5 oz [1] of interest in Design and Typefaces, you might have already heard of IKEA switching its official font face from a customized version of Futura to Verdana. There has been some heavy criticism on the change. In general, most of the designers consider the type face change a disaster.

Branding has been a large part of the Swedish chain’s success — what urban dweller today, whether in Atlanta or Kuala Lumpur, doesn’t recognize that bright blue warehouse, glowing like a beacon of fine living, at the side of the highway? And its signature typeface, a customized version of Futura, has long been an integral part of that brand.

The main complaint that online protesters have, though, is that the newly adopted font is plain ugly. Especially when it’s enlarged to, say, the size of a catalogue headline. Or worse yet, a billboard.

The Font War: Ikea Fans Fume over Switch to Verdana

I just received the IKEA monthly mailer catalogue in the post, I have to say Verdana looks downright ugly in print.

[1] That is 1 milligram

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