New MacBook/Pro rumors

By vijay on October 14, 2008 — 1 min read

Later today Apple is going to announce new updates to their notebooks range. As per the rumors 15″ MacBooks will get aluminum casing and upgraded harddirve etc. There seems to be no major update to the 17″MBP though. I need to wait and see. But from the information/rumors I heard till now it seems that there’s no need for me to upgrade to new MBP yet. I don’t want to go back to 15″ just for the extra HDD and RAM. And it seems that new MBPs will only be available in Glossy. I hate glossy finish. I’m gonna stick to matte finish as long as possible.

My MBP already got 4GB RAM. The battery is almost as good as dead. It has been more than 550 cycles and 16 months, so I say it lasted pretty long. I’m gonna upgrade my Harddrive the 250 GB, I’m running out of space on my 160GB one because of all my RAW photos.

May be that’s a project for this weekend.

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