SQLite3 Exception: SQL logic error or missing database

So this morning I was trying to update a testing machine with my shiny new Rails app.

  • Remove the sqlite database – CHECK
  • run rake db:migrate – CHECK
  • start the application

Now there were no errors anywhere. But I still get:

SQLite3::SQLException: SQL logic error or missing database

After usual googling around and trying to fix it I just saw what the problem with the Query is. The reason for the exception is putting a ‘NULL’ into non NULL column. And SQLite says “missing database”. Way to write the exceptions.

Note to Self: Always write meaningful or at least non-misleading exception messages.

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  1. if your problem is related to android..ie if you are losing database created on sdcardĀ  everytime you start emulator …then please dont select wipe user data while starting the emulator

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