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By vijay on May 22, 2008 — 1 min read

Today, I started hacking my iphone and built my first application with the help of the book iPhone Open Application Development. The dev environment setup took some 3 hours – copying the frameworks from iPhone, setting up the tool-chain and building it. But finally I was able to build something.

With my recent experience of learning cocoa/objective-C, the development seemed pretty easy and straight forward. I just created a project template and a shell script to automatically copy my new application to my iPhone. The API was also simple and straight forward.

I’ve got the official iPhone developer invitation as well, which I’m going to purchase by this month end or first week of next month. My only gripe about Apple’s SDK is that I cannot run the application I wrote on my own iPhone. I can only test the app in Simulator, but for the time being I prefer the hacked version of open development.

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