IBM To Contribute RUP Blueprints to OSS Community

By vijay on October 13, 2005 — 1 min read

Here is the link to the new article. IBM will contribute their “Rational Methodology” blue prints to Eclipse Foundation.

“According to industry analysts, nearly half of internally developed software projects run over budget, 90 percent are completed late, and 30 percent are canceled. “

“If widely adopted, this could improve software development practices within organizations and throughout the industry. It also could improve the ability to quickly respond to business and market changes that businesses are achieving through standardization in other areas, such as Web services and Service-Oriented Architecture standards that integrate previously siloed data and applications with customers, partners and suppliers.” And increases IBMs Rational Tool’s sales?

Hmm …. so by using RUP, does IBM think that entire software industry’s success average suddenly goes up ? No way. Software projects doesn’t fail because of the methdologies, they fail because of people. And every one busy telling that “Use XP”, “Use SCRUM”, “Use RUP” etc. etc. No one says “Use Right People”. Once you have the right people to build the product, or execute a project, they’ll create their own process and they’ll follow it and make sure that the project is a success. Software projects are diverse in nature, everything is as unique as the other. No single methodology can provide the perfect singular approach for every kind of projects. It’s the people, not the process.

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