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By vijay on August 30, 2005 — 1 min read

Mozilla platform provides framework and components to develop crossplatform rich client applications. Mozilla platform contains various technologiy implementations like AJAx, CSS, HTML, DOM,JavaScript, XML, RDF, RSS, XUL, XSLT and XML.

Mozilla provides XPFE (Cross Platfrom Front End) Framework to build the rich cross platform applications. The XPFE contains three basic parts: XUL, JavaScript and CSS. XUL defines the interface, JavaScript is used to attach the behaviour and logic to the interface. CSS does similar part as with HTML, it provides styles and varaiations of the interfaces.

XUL is the XML User interface Language, which lets the developer build rich cross platform applications, that can be run online or offline. Since the behaviour, interface and locale&skin are completely disconnected, they can be very easily customized and localized. XUL is based on XML, so its very easy to learn and get started. In these series of articles I’ll try to explain how I’m developing a small application using Mozilla platform.


Mozilla Developer Wiki
XUL Planet

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