Google Talk: Can't Talk

By vijay on August 30, 2005 — 1 min read

Google Talk was announced last week. Its an instant messaging program similar to Yahoo Messenger.
I always admired Google a lot, and loved their products .. except for Google Desktop. I’ll come back to that later.

Talking about Google Talk, I can say only this “It doesn’t work”. I still can’t figure out reason. First I tried at my work place which uses Windows Internet Acceleration Server. My Yahoo! messenger works without any problems. I tried to key in the proxy values under the settings, but still didn’t work, Just gives me an error “Can’t authenticate to server”. I thought proxy might be the reason.

So I tried to give Google Talk another shot at my home, its on dial-up. To my surprise it doesn’t work there either. Then I tried to search the FAQ and troubleshooting center at Google Talk, and couldn’t find the solution to my problem, so I sent a mail to the Google guys telling about the problem. And they replied me that they know about the problem, and working “diligently” to fix it.
Since the launch of Google Talk, I was able to connect to the server only once, and it never worked again. I agree that its still in pre-beta, but if its not at all working then it’s not finished yet, and not even qualified for pre-alpha.

Another wonderful product from google is the Google Desktop2. Loaded with good set of features (RSS reader, gmail integration, search, latest news, stock quotes and weather) to threat microsoft owned desktop horizon. Kind of advanced version of annoying active desktop. But if you are having less than 512MB of RAM and never cared about all the programs that just sit in your system tray and eat up your memory, don’t even think of installing it. The exceptional speed and features google desktop 2 provides are available at the exceptional usage of the memroy. But there’s certainly a good and good-looking alternative to use to get all the information that is provded by google desktop.

It’s Konfabulator. It’s really useful and pretty. Konfabulator is a widget engine which runs small programs/scripts called widgets. Widgets provide various information fetched from web as well as from your computer. Konfabulator has been acquired by Yahoo! recently. Excellent program worth a look, and its free.

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