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Our App TradeWise is the Runner-up at Hack Food Waste

Last Friday and Saturday I attended another Hackathon :Hack Food Waste in Eindhoven, where diverse people worked on hacking up solutions for tackling food waste. After listening to one of the problems, which was food waste in International Trade, I pitched the idea for an app:

10% of all the potatoes grown are left on the land to rot. Import export regulations prevent well-functioning global market place. TradeWise (our app), using regulation data and real-time market prices (shipping, product prices) helps famers to tap into global market to export the surplus produce.

There were three other people interested in joining my team and we hacked till Saturday evening.

After struggling a bit with the Dutch governments “open” data – which was basically a partial SOAP API for the categories, we managed to present our idea in a coherent way. The judges liked the idea enough to give us the second prize!


I’m still thinking about the next steps and possibilities of making the weekend-hack into a real application.

→ North Korea’s Air Koryo: The World’s Only 1 Star Airline

A deserted airport customs lounge, luggage weighed by hand on an old fashioned scale and a cockpit with no digital assistance, are just some of the sites a photographer from Singapore has captured on camera after flying with the world’s only one-star airline.Aram Pan gained unprecedented access to the Soviet-era planes still used in North Korea by the nation’s civil carrier, Air Koryo, plus cargo transporters and helicopters, after joining a tour for aviation enthusiasts inside the communist enclave.

via North Koreas Air Koryo: The Worlds Only 1 Star airlines | The Real Singapore.

Our entry to ClojureCup 2014 wins the Third prize

ClojureCup 2014 was a blast, and we had a lot of fun working on Clojure, ClojureScript, Om and MongoDB.

As posted before, our team of three (Daniel Marjenburgh, Neha Agarwal and yours truly) created an app during the Clojure Cup 2014 and our entry won the third prize!


Thanks to every one who voted for the app – and the judge’s who reviewed and rated – mongri-la. The development of Mongri-la will continue with the same team and we aim to make the app as complete as possible before the end of this year. I’ll post the status updates when we reach critical milestones.

My congratulations to the winners of first and second prizes – YouMusic and Cloujera!

→ On starting

We’re so busy tracking completion — how many miles run, books read, calories burned, cities visited — that we forget to remember a project’s value in the first place. In our race just to finish, we underestimate the benefits of quitting. I want to come out of the unfinished project closet. I want to consider the benefits of starting.

via On starting – Bobulate.